Friday, April 30, 2010

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Warning - this book is a must read alert from the Maltby Media Center! If you haven't read this, contact your local library right now and ask for Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief.

The story starts out with Percy Jackson, an average teenage, who is about to get kicked out of school. But his life suddenly changes when a math teacher tries to kill him - and that isn't the worst of his problems! He learns that he is half-god! And his Greek god family is really mad at him because he is accused of stealing Zeus' master bolt, which is the most powerful weapon ever created. Percy only has ten days to recover the bolt or there will be a war between the gods. Percy and his friends set off on an adventure filled with monsters, action and a twist in the end that will even shock the gods.
- Written and reviewed by Harrison Greenleaf

Have you missed reading all five books in The Lightning Thief series?
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sports Camp by Rich Wallace

Just in time for summer vacation! Have you ever gone to a sports camp? Rich Wallace, the author of Sports Camp, did when he was eleven years old just like the main character of this novel - Riley Liston.

Camp Olympia is a two-week-long, sleep-away camp and Riley feels like the smallest and youngest kid there. The place is also somewhat terrifying. The camp sign is a picture of a giant snapping turtle. Soon kids are telling him stories of Big Joe, the real snapping turtle who lives in Lake Surprise, and supposedly bites at the fingers and toes of swimmers.

Camp Olympia sounded like lots of fun - basketball, baseball, track, cross-country, canoe races, tug-of-war, swimming and water polo all day long. However, the older and bigger kids are scaring Riley just a little bit. Riley thinks his big chance to shine will be the mile-long swim race across Lake Surprise, but what about Big Joe?

Have you ever seen a snapping turtle? They can grow very big. If you would like to learn more about snapping turtles in Michigan, click here.

And don't stay out of the water this summer!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Fast and the Furriest

Kevin Pugh's dad is an ex-pro football player. Kevin has no interest in the sport, but keeps trying...and getting clobbered. He'd rather be playing video games with his friend, Zach, and hang out with his dog, Cromwell. When Cromwell spots a dog agility competition on TV, he starts behaving strangely. The former couch potato dog becomes active and tries to get Kevin involved in his activity. With Zach's help and financial backing, Kevin and Cromwell investigate and get involved in the world of dog agility competition.

Is agility a sport? Could Kevin and Cromwell have finally found their niche? This amusing tale will keep you in stitches!