Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Theodore Boone, Kid Lawer

Theodore Boone is thirteen-years-old and what he wants more than anything is to be a lawyer and a judge when he grows up. Both of his parents are lawyers and he hangs out either at their offices or the courthouse nearly every day after school. Theodore already knows a lot about the law and it is surprising how many kids and adults ask him for advice.

By accident Theodore discovers some very important information and evidence concerning a murder trial. He knows he needs to tell someone but he's also given his word not to endanger the source of his information.

If you enjoy watching lawyer and police shows, this is the mystery for you! John Grisham is a very famous adult author of legal mysteries and a lawyer himself. He really liked the Hardy Boys series when he was the age of Theodore Boone and this story reminds me of those books as well. He plans to write a series of books about Theodore.

Click here to read the first chapter of Theodore Boone online.

Click here to listen to the podcast of John Grisham talking about how and why he created Theodore Boone and his hopes for this new series. I especially liked the story he told about his daughter, who is a fifth grade teacher. All the fifth graders at her school received a copy of Theodore Boone three weeks before it was released!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dark Life by Kat Falls

OK, you should not judge a book by its cover but the cover of Dark Life is amazing! You really need to pick this book up and check out its cover. I kept running my hand over it as I read it.

Fortunately, Dark Life is also a exciting and well-written science fiction story. And it is also non-stop action!

Fifteen year-old Ty was born under the sea, where his parents and other settlers live and farm on the sea floor. Global warming and over-population have made "topside" a hard place to live, with people crowded into huge multi-story apartment buildings. The Topsiders look down on those living the Dark Life, under the sea, but they need the food the settlers raise and catch on their farms.

It's dangerous under the sea but Ty, his sister Zoe, and the other kids born undersea feel right at home. There are rumors of special "gifts" the kids are developing, perhaps due to the deep water pressure. When Gemma, a girl from the Topside, arrives in search of her missing brother, she and Ty suddenly find themselves facing new and surprising dangers - not all of them native to the sea.

I really enjoyed this new world found under the sea. From the slang and technology, to the way the kids zip around on manta boards, to the wonders of ocean life - it was all believable and compelling. Besides all the action there are several surprising twists and revelations. There is also a satisfying conclusion although I hope we can return one day to more adventures of Ty, Gemma, and Zoe in the Dark Life.

Click here to watch a terrific video book trailer about Dark Life!

Click here to read the first chapter of Dark Life online!