Saturday, March 7, 2015

Almost Super by Marion Jensen

Rafter and Benny Bailey have been waiting for a leap year, and it's finally here! On February 29th, at precisely 4:23 p.m., they will receive their superpowers and become the newest superheroes in their crime fighting family. When the big moment finally arrives, the brothers are stunned that their new powers are...less than super. Stuck with the ridiculous abilities to light a match on polyester and turn a belly button from an innie to an outie, Rafter and Benny know that something evil is afoot. They are convinced that someone stole their powers, and that it most certainly was the evil Johnson's -- the family of super-villains that are the arch enemies of the Baileys. When Rafter and Benny learn that Juanita Johnson has become a "super super" (meaning she has many different super powers, not just one) they are certain that their hunch is correct. Rafter and Benny spend their days at school trying to spy on Juanita, but when she finally catches them in the act, she denies their accusations. Is it just an evil ploy of a super-super-villain to throw them off the case? Is some greater evil to blame? Filled with humor, adventure, and friendship, Almost Super is a super-hero story not to be missed!