Monday, May 25, 2009

Every Soul a Star

Author Wendy Mass weaves together the stories of three young teens, a campground called Moon Shadow and a total solar eclipse.

Ally has lived for most of her life at the remote campground her parents own - a place where amateur astronomers gather every year for the Perseid meteor shower. For years the whole family has been planning for the rare event of a total solar eclipse. Jack, who is slightly overweight and lacks confidence in himself, accompanies his science teacher and a tour group to the campground for the eclipse. Bree, a popular pretty middle schooler, finds her world turned upside down when her family decides to buy and run the campground. Ally's family has decided that their children need to spend time in the city, where they can go to normal schools. Both Ally and Bree are devastated at the thought of leaving the home and life they each love.

They only have twenty-two days until everything will change when the eclipse occurs. After that, nothing will be the same. Along the way we have a little sadness, adventure, a momentous discovery, humor, and friendship. And then it arrives - the incredible experience of a total solar eclipse. Join the story in Every Soul a Star.

Click on the title above to hear Wendy Mass read the first chapter of Every Soul a Star. Later, check out to find out more about the people who travel the world to watch a solar eclipse. I was also fascinated by the SETI at Home project, where over three million people are using their home computers to analyze signals from space, searching for intelligent life.