Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rescuing Seneca Crane

Kari Sungren and Lucas Stickney are best friends. They also manage to get themselves involved in thefts of valuable art, the kidnapping of a teen-age concert pianist, and assorted other mysteries.

Seneca Crane is a famous teen-age pianist. Kari and Lucas have traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland for the internatinal music festival. Kari's mom is a journalist and she is writing a big article about Seneca. As Kari and Lucas get to know Seneca, they stop envying her for her jet-set life style and realize that her life is hard work and very little fun. Then, Seneca gets kidnapped! Kari and Lucas have a hunch who the kidnappers are.

Rescuing Seneca Crane
is the second book in the Kari + Lucas Mysteries. The author, Susan Runholt, loves both traveling the world, art, and music. The Kari+Lucas mysteries all share these things in common - they all happen in different places in the world and they involve art or music.

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