Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Born to Fly

Bird McGill loves anything about airplanes. Her dad is a pilot and has taken her on several flights. He even lets her take the controls sometimes. Her dream is to fly the P-40 Warhawk, for which her dad has given her the manual.

World War II is going on. When the news of the Pearl Harbor bombing spreads, Bird's dad is called up to fly for the Army Air Corps. At the same time, she reluctantly befriends a Japanese-American boy. Together they discover that there is a traitor in their small town. How they eventually uncover him makes for a real adventure story. Bird is a fearless heroine who will capture your heart.

The author, Michael Ferrari, is a sixth grade English teacher who wrote this story for his two daughters and also for the young girl he saw at a World War II air show. The girl's brother told her that girls could never be fighter pilots. He never met Bird!