Monday, February 15, 2010

The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z. by Kate Messner

Gianna Z. is a multi-faceted person. She's an athlete, an artist, and a good friend. She's not, however, a very good student. She's disorganized and has trouble getting things turned in on time. If she misses the due date for her leaf collection project, she won't be able to go the cross country sectionals. She knows she has to get it done, and her best friend, Zig, her mom and her grandmother all try to help her, but things just keep getting in the way. If she doesn't get it done, her arch nemesis, Bianca, will get to go in her place. That would be awful!

This novel is at times, funny, and at others, extremely touching. It's always fast paced and entertaining. Gianna Z. is a winner!

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First watch this video from the author, Kate Messner. Look carefully in the background and see if you can find either Mrs. Dohner or Mrs. Weyand. We were lurking around all these authors while the video was being filmed!

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