Friday, May 7, 2010

Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

"Peter blinked his eyes but there was no question that the rat was suspended in space, as if from a string, but there was no string."

Well - if you didn't get goosebumps from that, then go ask your parents is you are human! Peter and the Starcatchers is a must read.

Our story starts out with Peter and his friends, the orphans, who are about to be sent as slaves to Rundoon. Peter's suspicions begin when a mysterious trunk is also brought onboard their boat, The Neverland. On the voyage, Peter meet a girl named Molly, who has some unusual secrets which will be revealed throughout the story. They also meet the most feared pirate in the world, Black Stache. He is willing to do anything to get the mysterious trunk - even if if it means death! Peter learns there is much more at stake than his life - the world itself.

- Written and reviewed by Harrison Greenleaf

Be sure and catch up with the entire Peter and the Starcatchers series! Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson are well-known adult authors. Together they have also written another great book for middle schoolers - Science Fair - non-stop action adventure with spies, secret agents, and - yes - a science fair! Ridley Pearson has another good series as well - The Kingdom Keepers - where holographic teens battle villains in Disneyland at night! Click here to play the online Kingdom Keepers game!

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