Monday, July 11, 2011

The Journal of Curious Letters by James Dashner

"What if every time you made a choice that had a significant consequence. a new, alternate reality was created - the life that would've been?"

I love stories about alternate realities. Just one little change makes every thing different. This is the stuff of real science as well - the science of quantum physics. Quantum physicists study the behavior of matter and energy as well as space and time by looking at the smallest things in our world - molecules, atoms and even smaller. One very cool quantum theory is the idea that there are many worlds or realities branching off each other. This is just the "what if" question asked in this story.

Thirteen-year-old Tick is a smart kid but a bit of a loner whose entire life changes the day he receives a very strange letter. The letter tells him he is needed to save lives and do important deeds, but first he must solve a series of riddles to prove his abilities and dedication. He decides to play along and suddenly everything changes. Truly scary things threaten him as he tries to puzzle out the series of clues in the riddles. What will be revealed to him at the end? Are there really alternate realities? Can he change the way things are - or should be? Can you solve the riddles faster than Tick?

This book is the first in the series call The 13th Reality, written by James Dashner, who also writes The Maze Runner series. Tick's adventures continue in The Hunt for Dark Infinity and The Blade of Shattered Hope. Hang on - it's a wild ride!