Sunday, June 7, 2009

Operation Redwood

Julian Carter Li is having a terrible time. His mother had to leave for a photographic work assignment in China. Since his father had died several years ago, Julian had to stay with his aunt and uncle until school ended for the year. Although he liked his younger cousin, his aunt and uncle were very strict with him and he began to understand that he was not welcome in their home. His suspicions proved true when he discovered their plans to send him to math camp for a month, followed by Chinese language camp.

Julian also discovered that his uncle Sibley was the CEO of an investment company that planned to cut down old growth redwood trees in northern California. Old growth trees can be thousands of years old. Julian becomes an email buddy with Robin, a girl who lives next to the threatened redwood forest. With the help of his best friend Danny Lopez, Julian forges a plan to escape from math camp to spend a month with Robin and her family in the redwoods. Julian, Danny, and Robin soon find themselves defending the redwoods from destruction and their plan takes a dangerous turn.

I really enjoyed this book because I used to live and work in California near the redwoods. There was even a redwood tree in the courtyard outside my school library! Redwood trees are so old and so tall, that other bushes and trees live high in their leaves. Like Julian, I can't understand why someone would cut down a tree that is thousands of years old. If you want to learn more about the redwoods, click on the book title to visit the website of the author S. Terrell French.

The oldest and tallest redwood trees actually haves names! Hyperion is the tallest known redwood. To look at amazing pictures of Hyperion and other champion redwood, follow this link;

Operation Redwood would be a great book to read in a tree house!