Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The White Giraffe

After the sudden death of her parents, eleven-year-old Martine Allen finds herself on an airplane to South Africa, where her Grandmother runs a wildlife reserve called Sawubona. Amost immediately she finds herself involved in several mysteries. Why is her Grandmother so cold toward her? Why didn't her mother tell her about growing up at Sawubona? Why does her Grandmother want to keep Martine from Grace, a local sangoma or traditional healer? Who is responsible for the threatening the animals? Does the rare white giraffe really exist? And is she the girl of the prophecy - the girl with the gift that was predicted so long ago?

The world of Sawubona is beautiful and amazing. Martine soons falls in love with the land, the people, and most of all - the animals. As she discovers clues to the many mysteries around her, events begin to turn dangerous. Martine also discovers the gift that lies within her.

The author of The White Giraffe, Lauren St. John, also grew up on a wildlife reserve in Africa. Her books are so full of rich details that you will think you are actually in Africa! If you click on the title above, you can listen to an audio interview with the author and to excerpts from this book and its sequels Dolphin Song and The Last Leopard.