Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

If you have not yet read Harry Potter - you really need to! It doesn't count to say "I saw the movies."

The author J. K. Rowling has written one of the best fantasy books of all time. It is a modern classic. Everything great about storytelling is here in this series of books.

If you have been living in a cave on a deserted island with absolutely no television, movie theaters or Internet, I'll tell you what this book is about. Harry Potter is the story of an orphan who was living with uncaring relatives until he was old enough to find out the truth about himself - he was a wizard! Or at least a very young wizard of eleven years who needed to go to a special school named Hogwarts to learn to be a very great wizard. Indeed there is a prophecy that he would become the wizard who was needed to save the world. Fortunately he found some great friends to help him - Hermonie, Ron and others. And he had some great teachers such as Professor Dumbledore and Hagrid. He learned to cast spells, defeat monsters, and face the evil Voldmart. He learned what was really important in life - to have friends and family who love you.

One of the many things I love about Harry Potter are the spells. They are also a great way to learn some Latin words. Here is a link to the Encylopedia of Spells

If you click on the Harry Potter title above, you can also explore J.K. Rowlings' offical website, which is full of secrets.

Lumos! And enjoy Harry Potter. The book is ALWAYS better than the movie!