Friday, November 13, 2009

The Middle of Somewhere

Ronnie Sparks is motivated. She's twelve-years-old and already has plans (and some of the money) to buy her own car. When her mom gets hurt and has knee surgery, her life expectantly changes. Her grandfather appears and takes her and her brother Gee (who has ADHD) on the road in his new RV. Their adventures and challenges make for a rousing story.

Ronnie, Gee and her grandfather take a wild ride across Missouri and Kansas, where their grandfather is wind prospecting - finding places to situate wind farms. They meet some interesting characters along the way and get themselves into some sticky situations. They find out some revealing things about each other, too!

J.B. Cheaney is the author of The Middle of Somewhere. J.B. Cheaney has written several other books you might enjoy. My Friend The Enemy is set during World War II. Both The Playmaker and The True Prince take place in Elizabethan England, during the times of Shakespeare. These two books are filled with danger and intrigue!