Monday, November 30, 2009

Mike Steller; Nerves of Steel

I really really really enjoyed this book! Mike Stellar; Nerves of Steel by K. A. Holt is probably one of the best new science fiction books for kids this year. It's also a funny and fast-moving mystery/adventure story all rolled into one.

In the year 2074, Mike still has to go to school and do reports for English class, but he also has lots of cool tools like peapod communicators, readers, comm-bracelets and my personal favorite - grass shrinkers - no more mowing the lawn! Mike and his best friend, Stinky, sometimes spend more time hacking computers than studying.

Mike's parents work with the project to send a ship to terraform and colonize Mars. Things didn't go well the last time a ship was sent out. It disappeared and along with it, Stinky's older brother Hubble. Some people suggested Mike's mom was responsible for the failure and things are tense again as the new flight is readied.

Suddenly Mike finds himself on the flight with his parents. They are going to Mars! On the ship Mike meets a very unusual girl named Larc. Back on Earth, his sister Nita disappears and suspicious things begin to happen all over the ship. Most seriously, Mike's parents might be sabotaging the mission. Mike and Larc set out to discover the truth!

Click here to find out how real transforming of Mars might work.

Watch the Mike Stellar book video below: