Saturday, February 12, 2011

Death Cloud by Andrew Lane

Sherlock Holmes is certainly the most famous detective in literature. Did you ever wonder what his childhood was like? How did he become the master of deduction? How did he learn to observe the smallest details and put them all together to solve mysteries? Death Cloud is the first book in a new series about the young Sherlock Holmes.

Fourteen-year-old Sherlock is looking forward to his summer vacation; however, his brother Mycroft picks him up from boarding school instead of his father. Mycroft explains that their father has been sent by the British Army to India and won't be home for nearly a year. Their mother is feeling ill so Sherlock is sent to his elderly uncle and aunt's home in the country. Expecting a very boring summer, Sherlock is quite unhappy with this situation.

Things look up when he meets a local boy his age and begins to explore the countryside. His uncle also hires a tutor for Sherlock - Amyus Crowe, a curious American, with a broad knowledge of the world.

Then the dead bodies begin to turn up! Is it the plague or something more mysterious?