Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Shadows by Jacqueline West

"Sometimes it's hard to know whom to trust,"Annabelle said softly. "And heaven knows we all make mistakes."

Who is Annabelle? Is she real? Is she good or evil? And the little boy Morton - is a real boy trapped in a painting or a painting come to life? And what about the three cats Horatio, Harvey and Leopold? Are they the familiars of witches or will they help save Olive?

When Olive moved to this old Victorian house with her parents, things were definitely strange - especially all those paintings stuck to the walls. But when Olive discovered how to step into the world inside the frame, events turned really ominous. This is the kind of book where you shout to the main character "No, don't go down into the basement!" or "No, don't open that door!"

Yikes, this is a scary story! If you liked Coraline by Neil Gaiman, then you will enjoy The Shadows, the first book in the new series The Books of Elsewhere.

Make sure to check out the author's website here. You can explore Olive's creepy house yourself!